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Kids love to have something to look forward to and we love to see that excitement in their eyes!  As busy parents though, it can be tough to keep thinking up fresh activities, crafts and to-dos.  So, if you find yourself looking for some structure to add direction to your weekly fun with the kids, we recommend focusing on a theme.


This can get your creative juices flowing and if you get the kids in on it too, I'm sure you'll come up with some great ideas. 


Each Tuesday we'll send you a

  • theme idea for the following week

  • craft ideas that go with the theme

  • a food/snack idea to go with the theme

  • other assorted activities to go with the theme

Add your own ideas to our suggestions and you're sure to have fun!


Enjoy :)


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Our Free Theme-Based Activity Ideas Will Give You A Boost Each Week With Kids' Crafts, Snacks and Activities.




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