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Welcome to
Fun Activity Ideas

Congrats on signing up and welcome! 

We hope our theme ideas will help you create fantastic memories with your child(ren).  Be crazy; be silly; be a little kid again - your kids will thank you for it!

So, here's how it works:

Each Tuesday we'll send you a theme idea - and more - to use for the following week. 


Of course it's not just a theme idea, we'll also give you some activities and crafts and/or snack ideas to support the theme.


By getting the info. the week before, you'll have time to get any supplies you'll need and also time to think up some of your own ideas too :)  Come on now, don't shake your head ;) you'll be surprised by the things you'll think up to add with some inspiration!


So, that's it for your "welcome" :)  We'll "talk" to you next Tuesday!


Take care,



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Our Free Theme-Based Activity Ideas Will Give You A Boost Each Week With Kids' Crafts, Snacks and Activities.




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