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A funny thing happens at my house when friends find my Meal Plan (it's hanging inside the pantry door) - they react with a kind of weird shock and say "Oh, you do a meal plan each week?!"  Then they recover and say "I'd love to do that but I just don't have time".  The funny thing is,

I always wonder how they have the time to not plan ahead.

Once I started planning meals and snacks for my family, I felt a huge sense of relief.  There was no stress at meal and snack time because I knew exactly what we were having, I knew it was healthy, and I knew I had all the ingredients I needed easy-peasy J and guiltless.

Now, I see that look on your face... did you just roll your eyes??  Before you get overwhelmed and think that planning your family's meals and snacks will be akin to programming the Space Shuttle, I want to put your mind at ease.  What we're talking about is 30 minutes (maybe a bit longer when you start out) once a week, sitting in a comfy chair, filling in the blanks on a form we'll email you each Wednesday. 


Why Bother?

By planning your family's meals and snacks ahead of time you'll be able to: 

  1. Save money by only buying exactly what you need, reading fliers, planning for leftovers and much more.
  2. Save the time that you normally spend wondering what to make and checking for ingredients you'll know what you're making and you'll know it's on hand.
  3. Plan to feed your family healthfully.  When it's all written out on paper you'll get a visual aid to help you ensure balanced diets - writing each meal out will lead your mind to consider whether you have each food group represented for each meal.
  4. Review previous meal plans and "fix" any eating issues (i.e. "gee, we really don't get 5-10 servings of fruits and veggies each day...").
  5. Treat yourself and your family to a calmer you:
    • no more last minute shopping trips for an ingredient you "thought you had"
    • no more 4:00 "what's for dinner" scrambles
    • no more guilt of serving something unhealthy because it was easier/faster/handier
    • no more last minute sandwiches (again) because you didn't have time to figure out a meal
  6. Take care of yourself too by giving special thought to what YOU are eating throughout the days.  Plan not just what the kids will eat but also what you will eat; what will you eat for breakfast, snacks and lunch?  Keep your health and/or weight goals in mind.

All that for a 30-minutes-per-week investment! 


By taking baby steps each week as outlined in each Wednesday's email - you'll become very comfortable with Meal Planning.   Then we'll start on weekly tips to get you saving money with your Meal Plan, feeding your family more healthfully and much more.


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A little bit of time and your great family recipes can make meal times everything you want them to be... and more :)




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